Mission Point Property

Layout and design aspirations for Mission Point properties

About the Property

Mission Point, located on Highway 52 in Jamestown, Tennessee is a testament to the beauty of God’s creation. This acre property boasts a variety of geographical landscapes with open rolling hills of green fields to wooded hollows, flowing water, ponds and bluff line overlooking the splendor of the Cumberland Plateau. The region contains one of the most ecological diverse environments in the world. It is in the midst of this creation that the vision for this property was inspired. This place of peace and tranquility, of awe inspiring beauty, calls to the heart of man. What better place could there be to seek God, study His word, worship and grow in spiritual wisdom? Truly it is a tabernacle of God’s own making. With this in mind, Mission Point was purchased by Bible Believer’s Network to become a retreat and a place of refreshment for Christians as well as a center for ministry and outreach. In accordance with this effort plans have been established to make this dream a reality. Below are a few of those details.